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"Shawna provides a comprehensive one on one sit down for nutrition and meal planning. Since working with her I have learned to food prep and what healthy, clean eating is.
Shawna prepares great workout sessions that combine cross fitness, weight training, high intensity cardio, and turns each session into an amazing sweat. There is no such thing as an easy workout with Shawna. She challenges me to trust that my body can achieve each exercise while going at my own pace. She pushes me beyond where I think my body can go, and she becomes a great motivator when I want to give up. I leave each session feeling as though I accomplished a great workout.
I have built the endurance to push my body to new heights, and we have fun doing it.

Go team HoltStrong!!!"


"Training with Shawna was the kickstart I needed to get back on my fitness grind. After one session, I was inspired and flipped my lifestyle around back to how it used to be."


I was lucky enough to have Shawna train me after an extended period of time away from the gym. Like most weekend warriors, I only focused on the “show me” muscle groups. Shawna introduced and helped me focus on my body as a whole. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about workouts but more importantly she catered to what my goals were and how my body responded to each routine. Workout days always had different routines and but focused on specific muscle groups. Every time I had a question for her about why this specific workout, she had an answer about what we were focusing on, what the work out did, and how it would affect my body. She not only pushed me hard in our sessions but out of them as well. She checked in on me to make sure I was doing workouts on my own time, and more importantly, she helped me with adjusting my eating habits. Helped me construct an eating plan that was catered to go along with the workouts and tasted wonderful! It wasn’t always “boring chicken”. Every time and any time I had a question, whether it be about a workout or a eating question, Shawna was quick to respond and extremely helpful. I am extremely grateful for the time I have had with Shawna as she continue to push me and I would gladly recommend her to anyone that is looking to improve themselves on whatever level.

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